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Top 4 technologies to embrace in 2021

Last year has opened our eyes to a different life, many of us have learnt the importance of change and embracing new ways. With the impact of COVID-19, many methods of interaction have changed. Here are a few ways you can incorporate new technology into your life.

Order groceries and goods to your door

Many of us have become accustomed to heading out to a supermarket for daily and monthly essentials, but now that we are a bit more cautious when heading out, it can lead to apprehensiveness over the idea. To alleviate this strain, many stores like Checkers and Woolworths offer the option of ordering online and having your essentials delivered straight to your door. Select your items on the dedicated grocery store website, add the items you want into the cart, pay online and have them delivered to you.

Meet up online

Staying in contact with friends and family from abroad and even locally has proved difficult over this time. With social distancing and travel bans imposed, many of us have been in isolation, away from the people we love. Technology affords us the opportunity to speak and even see them over a screen with apps like Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp video calling options. Want to meet up? Interact with your grandkids and friends online via these channels.

Use new age appliances

The introduction of new appliances has made life immensely easier over the years. Air fryers and convection ovens use less electricity and are healthier options. Smaller appliances like egg boilers and energy saving microwaves are a great option to help save you time on cooking and even cleaning, while also creating a healthier alternative to the way you do things.

Streaming services

Entertainment for hours is at your fingertips with streaming service options like Netflix and YouTube. All available online, you’ll find endless entertainment to enjoy on those lazy evenings or movie nights with the family.

Technology has played a major role in our lives by making things easier. It’s become a new way in providing a holistic benefit on connecting us with our family, as well as current trends and lifestyles.



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