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3 Reasons why you should garden

Have you got green fingers? You can be a beginner that has just started cultivating seedlings or have a backyard filled with all kinds of herbs, veggies and flowers; the activity of gardening takes patience and perseverance to reap the rewards. Apart from the joy you experience when watching a sapling sprout and grow into something beautiful; gardening also has a myriad of benefits on the body!

An enjoyable form of exercise

Gardening keeps you moving. You can spend 5-minutes to 5 hours in your garden and gain from the increased levels of movement, flexibility, and physical activity leading to great endurance and improved strength in your body. Keep fit by tending to your garden every day and you will notice a difference in the way your body responds.

Stress reduction

Keep calm and garden on! Potting around your garden can help reduce stress, improve mental health, and promote relaxation. According to Mayo Clinic, performing simple gardening activities like sowing seeds or watering your plants reduces your cortisol levels (the chemical your body produces when you are stressed). This further assists in reducing your risk of other diseases like diabetes and heart conditions. Spending time outdoors can also help with increased absorption of Vitamin D which is good for your body; just remember to always wear sunblock and a hat.

Eat better

Whether you have a herb garden or going big with fresh produce, your result will give you something great to look forward to. Your harvest will allow you to boast when adding to your daily cooking routine. Garnish your meals with freshly picked rosemary from your garden or pick the finest homegrown tomatoes for a robust salad for an autumn evening dinner with your family. Homegrown produce makes for better consumption with no plant chemicals added to your crop.

Now is the ideal time to start gardening to gain these health benefits. Start indoors before moving on to a bigger selection or dive straight into the backyard with your gardening tools in tow, there is something to plant for every occasion and season.



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