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The coast vs the country – Where to live in KZN?

One of the many reasons people love living in KwaZulu-Natal is for the diverse landscape. Those who make KwaZulu-Natal their home, will know that we have it all, from picturesque mountain ranges to the golden beaches. With so many options, what is the best choice for you?


Oceanside living

KwaZulu-Natal is renowned for its beaches. Whether you seek popular tourist shores to catch a wave or private beaches that provide room to explore, you can find it all. Coastal property has always been in high demand, especially for retirement living. With the introduction of revolutionary lifestyle estates that present a multi-faceted environment that take advantage of the coastal scene, it’s clear that seaside living will remain highly sought-after for any age. Sunshine, easy access to the beach, fishing all year-round, embracing outdoor living, and having access to a close-knit community – these are just some of what you can expect when living in a coastal residential estate in KwaZulu-Natal. You are bound to live an active and vibrant lifestyle like no other.


Countryside serenity

Find your dream retirement destination surrounded by picturesque mountains, woodlands and birdlife. KwaZulu-Natal has a few country-style gems to explore. Home to cleaner air, a lower crime rate, access to farm fresh produce and an active outdoor lifestyle – you really enjoy a laidback lifestyle where everyone is friendly and knows your name. The country towns are smaller, allowing you to get familiar with the close-knit communities and you can enjoy the quaint and ecclectic amenities. According to Lightstone data, there has been a decline in the South African urban population over the years as they move to the countryside, from 22 919 individuals living in urban areas in 2018 to 21 861 in 2019 and 19 005 in 2020.

Following the COVID-19 hard lockdown, many families have realised the importance of having access to the outdoors, additional space at home and the importance of being closer to family. The coast and countryside both provide a solution to this. These landscapes offer an exceptional quality of life and the ideal setting for retirement living.



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