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A clean break: Downsizing made easy

When looking into retirement opportunities, space is a concern. In many instances, you might be moving from your 3-bedroom freestanding family home to a smaller, maintainable home or even a lock-up-and-go apartment. There are some elements of your home that bring floods of memories and are hard to just part with. Whether you are looking at downsizing or simply getting your home a bit more organised – we have some inspiration for you! There are a range of shows you can find, and they come with some great practical advice.


Get Organised with The Home Edit

While not the first tidy-up show to be released on Netflix, The Home Edit takes organisation to a whole new level with their tips and tricks to help make your home easy to manage. Hosted by 2 experts, Clea and Joanna, this fun show explores the homes of both regular people and a few familiar celebrities. Together, the team share how you can create your own system that works for your home using various methods, from colour coordination to storage advice.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

If you prefer to keep your TV viewing time short, Minimalism is the ideal documentary to sit down with. This documentary explores the benefits of living a minimalistic life and why the accumulation of clutter can be bad for you. The individuals profiled in this documentary share their life-changing experiences with clutter and how they have transformed their lives for the better.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

As one the first clean-up shows to take over Netflix, Marie Kondo presents her successful techniques on how to de-clutter and let go of the things you no longer require. Her KonMari method has taken over Japan and helped a range of individuals organise their spaces and has now been showcased worldwide. Her ideology is simple; gather your belongings and pick up one at a time and if they “spark joy”, you can keep them.

Inspired ideas

These shows all present a few similar aspects that are easy to implement in your own home.

  • Start small: Start decluttering with a simple drawer, toolbox or corner in your home.
  • Invest in the right storage boxes for your home: Once you declutter you will know where all your items belong. Using clear storage aids in finding everything you need.
  • Habits: Once everything in your home has a place, it will become easier to cultivate simple habits that help keep your spaces organised.

Decluttering your home can feel like a mammoth task, whether you are downscaling for a move or just want to get rid of items you have accumulated over the years. You can reap the benefits of creating a clean and streamlined lifestyle at home.



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