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Take the rugged path

When living in KwaZulu-Natal, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to recreational outdoor activities. One of the key benefits is having access to a plethora of running and hiking trails. From the diverse trails in the Drakensburg mountains to the scenic routes within Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, there is something for all members of the family.

Hiking Clubs to join

If you’re a hiking enthusiast that is seeking company and new routes to explore, then join one of KwaZulu-Natal’s hiking clubs. The Durban Ramblers are one of the many hiking clubs around, and they arrange regular hikes throughout the week in various areas within the province. The Amblers Hiking Club, situated within Westville, get together on a Sunday between 2pm to 5pm. Through hiking clubs you get to meet new like-minded individuals, explore new trails and enjoy KwaZulu-Natal’s beautiful landscapes safely.

Hike in the Drakensburg

From the dramatic peaks to the mysterious caves, The Drakensburg is home to over 35 000 examples of San rock paintings and hosts a range of plant and wildlife. For trekking enthusiasts, there are at least 33 trails to choose from with 25 of them within the Royal Natal National Park. Take a short hike with your family or prep for the picturesque Tugela Gorge Walk; the options are endless.

Krantzkloof Nature Reserve

With over 10 different hiking trails to choose from, the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve presents scenic routes that highlight the natural surroundings. Discover the geology within the park or trek past one of the 9 waterfalls found within the reserve before sitting down to delight in a light lunch at one of the picnic spots. The reserve is also home to 3 biomes of savannah, forest and grasslands that home various birds, wildlife and various species of amphibians and reptiles.

KwaZulu-Natal is filled with a range of hidden gems to discover. Whether you are a beginner seeking simple trails to start off with or an expert in search of a route that is a little more challenging, you can find all you need within a 3-hour drive from your home.



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