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How do green environments promote better wellbeing?

Did you know that there are several benefits of being outdoors? The primary benefits being, increased absorption of Vitamin D, supporting physical movement and improved mental health. New retirement developments within KwaZulu-Natal have focused on integrating nature into their holistic offerings so that residents have the safety to explore the outdoors and their surrounds. Additionally, there are dedicated and protected areas within our province that residents also have access to. We explore the benefits these green environments have on our wellbeing.

A thriving environment

The Sibaya Coastal Precinct is a prime example of how revitalised and enhanced nature contributes to an environment where people, animals and plant life can all thrive. Approximately 60% of the development of this catalytic region is set to remain green. This environment is naturally preserved, the biodiversity is being enhanced and the maintenance of the area is overseen by the dedicated Management Association. As a result of these efforts, the natural surrounds like this help create a sustainable ecology that allow the indigenous habitat to return to its normal state and improve environmental conditions for both wildlife and residents within the area.

Peace of mind

There are several differences between dedicated nature reserves and having parks available within urbanised areas. While time outdoors in any outdoor space is encouraged, one may not be able to breathe in fresh air or enjoy quiet time at a local park situated within the city due to air and noise pollution or have enough room to take a safe and quiet walk, through pathways and trails. Living close to or having access to dedicated nature environments means that you can disconnect from stress of bustling city life and take in the sunshine and fresh air regularly.

More space to move

Running along a rugged nature trail compared to a treadmill in the gym is unparalleled. Having access to nature allows you to lead a more active and engaged lifestyle. Enjoy physical wellbeing when you enjoy a quiet yoga session surrounded by birdlife and trees or a challenging swim at the beach. Find an exercise that you can enjoy outdoors and escape the norm.

The beauty of living in KwaZulu-Natal is that you will have a range of dedicated facilities available to explore or safe estates that offer these benefits. From the quaint beaches to the mountainside, take a trip into these green spaces to promote your health and wellbeing.



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