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Retirement is what you make of it

What is your dream for retirement? Is it to caravan across South Africa and explore roads less travelled, is it the perfect opportunity for you to get involved in a community upliftment project, or would you like to take on your hobbies more seriously? Having just celebrated women’s month, we take heed from inspiring over 60-year old women across the globe and see how they have decided to use this time to reinvent what retirement is.


A change in career

The saying “when one door closes another one opens” rings true with retirees as they say goodbye to their workplace to start something new on their own, and inevitably take their hobbies or interests to the next level professionally. Across the globe we have seen over 60-year olds reinvent their lives, despite what life has to throw at them. For instance, Julie Kertesz, a 77-year old woman went through 2 divorces at different stages of her life and evolved from being a research chemist in France for most of her life to being a stand-up comedian in London. Her love for sharing stories on her blog “There is life after 70” inspired her to take her stories on stage, and tell them herself.

Another inspiring story comes from North Wales, where Carolyn May, a 61-year old, went from climbing the ranks in the educational sector, after being an A-level teacher in College, to becoming a Professional Development Manager. Due to educational cuts, Carolyn May accepted her redundancy package and became an entrepreneur. She started her own business where she could help older people, such as herself, change the direction of their careers and life.


Taking active ageing to the next level

With more time to do the things you enjoy why not take your activities to the next level and challenge yourself. Sarah Dunstan, a 61-year old from Virginia, loves swimming in open water and has taken on the English Channel with a team of swimmers to hold the record as the oldest relay team to cross the Channel.

For the average 60-year old, lifting something heavy is not easy, but for Ellen Stein, a 61-year old from New York, she defies cultural perceptions. Having always been athletic, Ellen took to powerlifting in her 30’s and hasn’t looked back. She has achieved national and world records and boasts a seven-time International Powerlifting Federation Masters World Champions. While you would think she would stop at a certain age, at 62, Ellen can still powerlift 429 pounds.


What all these women show us is that age is but a number. Be inspired to make retirement meaningful and embrace this time of change. This is your opportunity to truly live passionately and fearlessly.


Retirement is what you make of it



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