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Your retirement mentality

Our research has shown that those of you over the age of 50 do not like the word ‘retirement’. In fact, many of you over 50 will not consider an estate if it has the word ‘retirement’ in it; even if it is on par with modern, luxury lifestyle estates.

‘Retirement’ is associated with old age and ‘the end of your prime life span’, the end of a working career, frail living, dependency, secluded and clinical units, bad care and nursing assistance, impending death and ultimately a bland and boring existence. With the years gone by, this may have been so; as the life expectancy was far less than what it is today, as well as having limited, inexperienced care solutions and facilities for the aged.

Fast forward to today, and although retirement living is still in high demand, the opportunities on offer are providing a lifestyle that is truly desired by the over 50 market, from tailored professional healthcare to multigenerational living and world-class facilities. Those transitioning to this part of their life need to know that ‘retirement’ is far from any of the above mentioned connotations; instead it’s become a celebration of life and a chance for individuals to fill their days with the activities they love doing.

Retirement merely indicates a transition in your life; where your needs and wants change. It is a milestone, but one that should be looked towards positively. Developers are understanding what the over 50 market is looking for when it comes to everyday living. With the changing landscape of retirement, from the integrated technology used, architectural design to the locale they are being introduced in; it is time we also shifted our mentality towards ‘retirement’.


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