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Christmas is not cancelled

The year 2020 has brought a range of challenges with the worldwide pandemic, changing the way we live forever! While we do not know how the future will pan out yet, we must make the best of the opportunities we have while we can. Over one of our favourite holidays, we should persevere and take advantage of the time we have with our loved ones and ensure that Christmas is not cancelled! Here are a few ways we can keep the Christmas spirit going.

Get cooking

The holidays are the perfect time to get into the kitchen! While you may not be creating a feast for a massive family, you can always pick a few dishes to create in small quantities and even enjoy the leftovers on Boxing Day! Our top South African choice is a steaming hot potjiekos with your choice of meat and healthy veg over a fire followed by a traditional malva pudding to add a little decadence to your meal.

Set the tone

Music can transform any environment, getting you into the spirit of the holidays! Turn on some festive music to set the ambiance for your Christmas eve. From the likes of Michael Bublé to themed Christmas medleys, pick some tunes and indulge in some Christmas cookies while you relax with your loved ones. If you’re seeking additional entertainment, why not pop on a traditional Christmas movie and cherish the entertainment it provides.

Stay in touch

We understand the risks of socialising during the pandemic and while this time may be difficult for many families, social distancing is encouraged. Thankfully, the power of technology can help us stay in touch with our loved ones. This Christmas make the time to video call your friends and family and get in touch with them. Enjoy a warm beverage as you chat about the good times and savour these beloved moments.

With a range of activities that are still possible, you can make this Christmas one to remember! Remember to stay safe, healthy and enjoy the festive period as we say goodbye to 2020.




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