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Connect during lockdown

Get in tune with yourself

This is the perfect opportunity to start on one of those projects you kept putting off. Set yourself a daily goal to achieve your project in time or by lockdown. This will not only make sure you are kept busy during lockdown but it will help you get in touch with your creative side.

Connect beyond your boundaries

The influence of technology has created the opportunity to create fun ways to engage and interact. Start a digital book club with your friends; set out a book to read and make a date to meet with your friends during the week to discuss them during the week, through Facebook or WhatsApp. Happy hour used to be a gathering of people at the Clubhouse but now can easily be a meet up online as well.

Make friends

If you live with someone else, be it your family, spouse or a friend, often we can get caught up in living that we do not get in touch with the people closest to us. Use this time to create quality moments to enjoy with your friends and family. Set up picnic dates in your garden, check in to see how they are coping during lockdown, and even create a fun games night. The opportunities to reconnect with our loved ones is endless.

The lockdown can cause many to feel lonely and depressed. It is important to know that there are means and ways to keep yourself busy and provide each day with a purpose. More importantly, while we have to keep our distance, there are many ways we can connect with each other.



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