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Smart retirement living

When things were simpler…

The question is, were homes a lot simpler to run and maintain before? Through the influence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart living trends, developers are creating retirement opportunities that create effortless lifestyles. While it may be something new to get used to, once you have adjusted the way you live to embrace technology, the easier daily and monotonous tasks will become.

The world at your fingertips

With estates offering fibre-to-the-home and WiFi services, residents can simply run their day-to-day lives from a click of a button. Retirees can make use of online shopping options, food deliveries, ordering a taxi service. Communicating with family near and far is also made easier with Skype and Whatsapp, that allows you to make a phone call, video chat, leave a voice note or send a quick message.

Utility control

Smart metres are becoming a standard feature in new developments to ensure residents are able to actively monitor their water and electricity use. It not only lowers the cost of living for retirees, it helps make residents become more conscious of how much water and energy they use.

Monitor systems

Security is at the top of priority for developments. CCTV monitoring and intercom systems help monitor activities inside and outside homes. The Internet of Things has helped power systems, such as an ambient monitor, that helps alert nurses or families if the retiree has not opened the front door in 7 days. Additionally, there are helpful devices that allow healthcare professionals monitor their patients more effectively and easily.

Retirement living has become a lot smarter over the years. With technology making everyday living easier and effortless, you have more time to spend time with your family and friends, as well as doing things you love.



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