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Retirement Estates helping to curb depression

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) reported in a Sunday Times article that ‘budgeting for mental health in South Africa, like the rest of the world, is extremely low given prevalence numbers. A 2014 report stated that just 4% of the national health budget was disbursed for mental health services in South Africa.’ It is found that depression and dementia are often under diagnosed in South Africa, especially among the older generation. We take a look at how modern retirement estates help create healthier environments that enable residents to seek the necessary care and lifestyle support.

A close-knit community

Research in the Living alone and depression: the modifying role of the perceived neighborhood environment report reveals that a good neighbourhood with social quality is important for the elderly. It shares that in the United States, around 47% of women aged 75 and over live alone. Retirement estates offer the opportunity for retirees to create new friendships and establish a social environment with fellow residents.

Tailored healthcare

Modern retirement estates are increasingly providing easy access to tailored healthcare. Whether residents are fit and healthy or are in need of extra care, many of the recent care solutions create a programme and evaluation for residents to ensure their mind and bodies are kept active and healthy. Shoreline Sibaya, along with Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village, are among the few retirement opportunities providing exclusive care for residents; with services such as medical check-ups, companionship, medication management and much more.

A healthy, active environment

Keeping your mind and body active help with fighting depression, loneliness and dementia. Retirement estates offer exceptional facilities and secure surrounds for residents to remain active and key players in their community. From tennis courts, swimming pools, walking trails and in some instances a golf course, retirees have access to a plethora of facilities to keep them busy, active and social. Additionally,



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