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Rediscover KZN: The best fishing spots in KwaZulu-Natal

Whether you are an ardent angler or looking into the recreational pastime of casting a reel out into the open ocean while the sun sets, KwaZulu-Natal boasts a range of golden, pristine beaches, lakes and rivers with diverse waters that provide opportunistic fishing spots to enthuse your interest at all times of the day. The pastime of fishing presents you with a stress-free, fun outdoor activity that allows you to build skill while reaping the additional benefits of escaping the stir of daily life.

There is nothing more relaxing than overlooking the calm ocean waves wash over the seashore while taking in the fresh air and receiving a refreshing dose of vitamin D to boost your immune system. The benefits of being outside are not limited to physical wellbeing but to your overall mental and emotional health. Spending time outdoors around water assists in elevating your mood, combating anxiety, as well as improving concentration.

Venture outdoors and choose from a range of diverse fishing spots:

Kosi Bay:

Kosi Bay, located in the KwaNgwanse area, is home to the perfect destination for a fishing adventure. Choose from the three lakes that each host a range of different fish species. Expect to see a range of Kingfish, Grunter and Rock Salmon. If you are searching for more variety, you can opt to explore the coast or take your shot at fly fishing in the deep waters at Black Rock.

St Lucia:

Situated along KwaZulu-Natal’s picturesque North Coast, St Lucia provides a range of fishing activities from fly fishing to deep sea fishing. This is where you can find popular sea life like perch, Garrick, shad and grunter. During the winter months, look out for a glimpse of mighty whales showing off on the coast as you cast your reel.


Zinkwazi beach offers some of the best fishing opportunities that this region has to see. The Zinkwazi area offers several spots like the Black Rock and Line Rock with a tidal pool a few hundred metres away with beautifully formed rocks that host a range of shad, stumpnose and strepie. Zinkwazi’s specialities also include shad, kob, small dusky sharks and a Garrick or two in the months of winter and spring, while summer gives you the opportunity to try your hand at catching rays and sand sharks.


Umhlanga beaches present amazing spots to cast your reel into. The golden shoreline offers a strong sense of rest and relaxation while allowing you to catch blacktail and strepie. Grannies pool offers you the chance of catching some shad while you can venture further into deeper waters that host kob and Natal stumpnose. Umhlanga provides the perfect mix of recreation and relaxation.

La Mercy:

Explore the exposed beaches of La Mercy that would yield a good catch of Blacktail and other species of small fish that inhabit the area. As you explore the coastline you’ll find Finley’s Rock on the south side of the Tongaat river that boasts kob, Garrick and stumpnose, while other spots like the south side of the Graveyard Channel offer species of flatfish like sandsharks and skates.

With the amazing coastline and water bodies located in notable areas all over KwaZulu-Natal, you’ll soon find your favourite fishing spot. Whether you choose to angle in solitude, with your fishing buddies or teach your grandchildren your skills, fishing is the perfect excuse to spend an excessive amount of time outdoors.





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