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Rediscover KZN: Flavour of KZN

Rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage, KwaZulu-Natal offers both its residents and visitors so much to explore. Discover World Heritage sites, the beach, Big 5 bush experiences and a multi-cultural mix of cuisines just beyond your doorstep.

Food of the Zulu Kings

Steeped in Zulu heritage, KZN residents will be familiar with some of today’s traditional Zulu dishes. Whether it’s phutu (mielie meal), uJeqe (steamed bread), amaDombolo (dumplings cooked in a stew) or imFino (wild spinach), Zulu cuisine offers something for carnivores and veggie lovers. Although eating meat is part of Zulu culture, Shisa Nyama is the modern equivalent in South Africa. ‘Shisa Nyama’ refers to various types of meat cooked on an open flame. Max’s Lifestyle is a restaurant in uMlazi which serves up some of the country’s best Shisa Nyama. Owned by a South African, this restaurant has become a must-see on the KZN tourist track and has garnered global recognition as a result.

British breakfasts

As a melting pot of cultures, many British favourites can be seen on the menus of South African restaurants. British influence comes through with our breakfast dishes which offer things like eggs, fried mushrooms, tomato, baked beans and toast. The Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga offers one of the best terrace breakfasts in the country. Here you can savour breakfast flavours while enjoying the sea views from the terrace. This is where coastal chic meets colonial flavour complete with their signature red and white striped sun umbrellas and sun loungers.

Braai vleis and beers

It doesn’t matter where you are in the South Africa; a braai is in order. Durban has a selection of incredible meat suppliers and craft beer brewers.  Served with relish (cooked mix of onion and tomato), pap is usually accompanied by braai vleis. Boerewors is a proudly South African creation and has also endured as a braai favourite. Not all boerewors is created equal, and connoisseurs will tell you that the provenance of the meat is important.

Southern Indian flavours

Outside of the sub-continent of India, Durban has the largest diaspora of Indian people in the world. It is no wonder that Durban Curry has the reputation that it does. Inspired by Southern Indian flavours, our Durban curry has some of its own quirks and creations which include banana with milk (served as a side with curry) and Bunny Chow. Not all Durban curry is Southern Indian-inspired and many restaurants serve both Southern and Northern Indian-style dishes. Incredible India restaurant at the Pearls Mall is the place to go for a selection of curries. If you’re looking for something on-the-go or to take home, then rumour has it that the Bunny Chow from Gateway Curries (located at 2 Tetford Circle) is the best. You’ll have to be quick though because it gets busy during weekday lunch hours.


KwaZulu-Natal offers a world of flavours and the chance to learn more about the province’s melting pot of cultures.



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