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What makes a good retirement estate?

When looking into retirement estates and villages, you would need to consider more than just a good location and well-placed security system. When hunting for the perfect retirement opportunity, you need to consider how it will fit in with your new lifestyle and how adaptive it is in guaranteeing you will live a good quality life as time goes on. There are so many elements that make a good retirement estate offering, however we want to ensure you keep these basic principles in mind when deciding on where you want to live.


Design of the home

Whether you are opting for a freestanding home or a basic open-plan apartment, the design of the home needs to ensure it helps make your life easier. This means the place you are looking at can easily adapt to your needs with time. Ask yourself the following questions; is it wheelchair friendly, is the design for single-level living, will it easily adapt to accommodate home-based care, will it be easy to access plug points and cupboards, and is there storage space? While some of these aspects may not be needed now, in due time they will come in handy.


Healthcare provided

New retirement estates and villages are progressively opting to provide residents with tailored, professional and comprehensive care. There is a movement away from under skilled nursing and short-staffed facilities, to providing essential care to all residents; this includes companionship, medicine management, basic health checks and so much more. Find out who the care centre will be run by, investigate their track record and see what people say about their services. You want to ensure that you are in the right hands.


The right lifestyle offering for you

A retirement village or estate may offer a neat tennis court or swimming pool, but if you are unable to play, for instance, due to injury or sore joints, the facility doesn’t provide you with the appropriate lifestyle you require. When looking into a retirement opportunity, make sure the lifestyle offerings cover an array of facilities, especially ones you would look forward to using regularly. You don’t want to live day-in-and-day out cooped up in your home; you should have the facilities within the estate that encourage you to remain active socially, mentally and physically.


Quality assurance

Lastly, there is no doubt that you need to look into the developers behind the retirement estate or village you would like to invest in. Look into their past developments and see if they deliver what they promise. Know before signing any documentation the quality of work they are known for and if you would be happy to invest in one of their products.


Location and security will, of course, play a vital role in your decision making. However, they are not the only aspects you need to consider. Take your time when deciding and make sure whatever retirement opportunity you go with; it suits your needs and wants.


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