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Keep safe during the third wave

It has officially been announced that South Africa is going into its third Covid-19 wave. We would like to encourage you to be aware and stay safe throughout this time.

Stay at home

There are various ways you can stay healthy at home during the third wave of Covid-19. We encourage you to boost your immune system with healthy foods, exercise and sunlight to up your vitamin D levels. Clean the surfaces of your home regularly, stock up on sanitisers and avoid direct contact with your larger community for now. Staying at home is one of the best ways to avoid the virus and remain healthy so choose activities that avoid large gatherings.

Social distancing
During the pandemic, the practice of social distancing is encouraged. Utilise technology to your benefit and order groceries online or have your medicine delivered to your doorstep from your pharmacy. If you are required to go out, ensure that you wear a mask, sanitise regularly and try keep a 1-meter distance from those around you. To make sure you don’t forget these basics, stock up on masks and sanitisers in key places you go regularly – that way you will always have these essentials on hand.

Vaccine registrations
As the country ramps up the vaccine campaign, you can now register and have your vaccine administered if you are over the age of 60. Ensure that you consult your doctor via telephone before opting for the vaccine. You can then register online and head to your nearest vaccine centre. The nurses and doctors will ensure that you are fully aware of the procedures and necessary information you need to know before taking this next step.



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All relevant information regarding COVID-19 can be found on https://sacoronavirus.co.za/