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Fit for retirement

Fitness plays a vital role in your overall well-being. From reducing heart attack and stroke, depression to loneliness; there are numerous reasons why you need to make exercise a part of your everyday living. KwaZulu-Natal has an array of public and private community-based, energising groups that can become the perfect solution for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Sun, surf and yoga

The beauty of yoga is that no matter what your age is; it is adaptable to all individuals. Durban is home to a unique offering that welcomes a new day with sunrise yoga sessions and follows this exercising with stand up paddling. Set at an outdoor, beach studio along the golden mile, surfsup yoga helps you increase your muscle tone, balance, strength and a positive mindset, while connecting with the outdoors, nature and the ocean.

Park runs

Durban has an array of “park runs” that take place on beach fronts or along lush nature trails. These morning runs allow you to engage with your community, while also maintaining your fitness. Whether you are a runner or walker, this type of exercise is great for the whole family including your dog. Set your own pace and enjoy the healthy community atmosphere.

Dance some more

Love moving to music? Dance is a great, fun way to keep fit. Every area has their own range of community dance classes or popular fitness gyms that offer adrenalin pumping dance or aerobics classes.

Maintaining your health and fitness doesn’t have to be a chore, there are so opportunities out there to get involved with friends and family and keep your heart, mind and body fit.



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