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Fall in love with KZN

KwaZulu-Natal hosts a range of locations that present the perfect scenery and entertainment options to enjoy with friends and family. It’s next to impossible not to fall in love with KwaZulu-Natal. Why not take a trip to one of these destinations and embrace the vibrance of this region?

Midlands Meander
Fall in love with the lush landscapes of the Midlands, as you drive through one of five routes of the Meander. Boasting an energetic culture and diverse environment, these areas allow you to discover a range of bespoke craft stores, eateries, coffee stops and leisure activities. An easy one-hour drive from Durban, you will have to revisit these routes a few times to explore the magnificence of this area.

Tembe Elephant Park
Established in 1983, the Tembe Elephant Park is situated in Maputaland within KwaZulu-Natal. A 4-hour drive from Durban, this game reserve offers a uniquely, close experience with the elephants that inhabit the park. Hosting 250 elephants, the park is one of the largest in the world to home these gentle giants, ensuring the safety against poaching. The park also homes 340 bird species. You can choose to stay and witness the majestic sunrise and sunset with these beautiful creatures or opt to do an adventure filled day drive. No matter which option you choose, this park is an idyllic location to experience a sense of enchantment.

Southern Explorer route
The Southern Explorer route is the ideal choice for the year-round warm weather. With various stops along the way, drive through the mini towns of the South Coast and experience an authentic coastal lifestyle along the way. The local ambiance of small-town life will draw you in. Head out for a long drive and stop over at the various beaches and uncover hidden gems that will give you endless hours of fun and beautiful scenery to take in. Stop over for a quick meal at the Wild Coast Sun and spend the night or enjoy a slow sunset drive home.

With so much to explore in KZN, there is always something new to discover. Whether you opt for long drives or daytime activities, you can find the best scene to suit your lifestyle or mood.



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