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Creating a sustainable retirement

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We all have a different retirement dream, some may want to live independently, but close to their family and friends, while others look to travelling or even using their time to make their hobby a business. Regardless of what your plan is, have you considered whether your retirement plan is sustainable? We take a look at a few key components that fit in with all retirement plans and goals.


Healthy ageing

Maintaining good health over the years is paramount to a sustainable retirement. For many new developments, the healthcare on offer is tailored to your needs and monitored annually. It is inevitable that our bodies will get weaker and become more prone to illnesses. In order to lessen the effect, we all need to make healthier choices, from eating nutritional food, taking necessary supplements and vitamins and keeping our physical and mental state active and strong. The World Health Organisation’s definition of Healthy Ageing is “the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age.” Instead of leaving those aches, pains and little niggles; rather take care of them as best you can before they develop into bigger problems.


Become part of a community

Being a part of some sort of community is just as beneficial as physical activity. Research by James House, in 1988, from the University of Michigan showed the positive connection between social relationships and health. Your retirement counts on whether you choose to sit at home most of the day watching TV or getting involved in a part time job or simply becoming more involved with your local community. You are not only saving yourself from being bored, you are creating a purpose for your retirement and keeping your brain active daily.


Careful spending

We all have different budgets, however the key to a sustainable retirement is to ensure we do not spend our money frivolously. Try and eliminate your debt as soon as possible, especially before you retire, so that your retirement spending is more on what you need than on what you still owe. When retirement comes around, ensure you maintain a monthly budget and take advantage of the pensioner deals wherever you can.


Planning for retirement is not a one-size fits all. These three components will help you create a tailored, sustainable retirement that is suited to your goals.


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