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Create an environment that encourages active aging

In 2020, the world population of people over the age of 60 rose to over 1 billion.

Did you know that there is now a new way to describe retirees, “older folk” and the Boomer generation? Much like the familiar terms of millennials and Gen Z, the term “perennials” is slowly gaining traction. This term is embraced by many individuals that are over 60 years old and have the desire to live longer and healthier. This can be achieved through active aging.

According to the Healthy Aging Research Network, active aging is “the development and maintenance of optimal physical, mental (cognitive and emotional), spiritual, and social well-being and function in older adults.” The concept, recognised by the World Health Organisation suggests that it requires individuals mental and physical capacities are maintained and supported by our environments. This is the World Health Organisation’s vision of the Decade of Healthy Aging for 2021-2030.

So how exactly do we achieve a longer life expectancy and create environments that support an active aging lifestyle?

Researchers at Texas A&M University’s School of Public have suggested key factors that drive this way of life. This includes having access to healthy foods, being physically active, having a positive attitude towards aging, living in safe communities and being socially connected. Another factor includes having meaningful roles in all stages of life.

To ensure these factors are taken care of, you need to choose a location for your retirements that supports this lifestyle. Within KZN, there are a range of home opportunities that blend together safe living with access to a natural environment that supports mental, physical health and provides a plethora of healthy produce and groceries that are farm fresh.

With the friendly locals around, you will always have a growing support system for the future. Embracing KZN’s laidback coastal setting or charming country scenes will ensure that you find the perfect balance for an active lifestyle effortlessly.



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