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Active retirement with Hibiscus Retirement Villages

For those seeking an idyllic and active retirement haven, where you can thrive and maintain your independence, Hibiscus Retirement Villages stands out as a beacon of success.

Offering a unique blend of luxury living and community spirit, established in 1962, the group were the first to pioneer the successful Life Right model in South Africa and introduce countless South Africans to stress-free retirement living. Situated primely along KwaZulu-Natal’s South Coast, the group have four established villages – Widenham, Margate, Ramsgate and Umdoni.

Each village is a holistic offering of spacious homes, a secure environment, active community life and healthcare along the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. The newest addition to the Hibiscus group is Widenham Retirement Village.

As many of you know, opportunities within retirement villages are usually associated with a long waiting list, with some waiting up to 10 years to be able to purchase within the village. Hibiscus Retirement Villages offer you the opportunity to purchase as each construction phase is rolled out, placing you firmly in control. This means that there is no waiting list for the next phase!

Buyers can purchase immediately and see their homes built within 3 – 6 months. This is an absolute real estate win – which can see you moving into your new lifestyle within months from signing your Life Right agreement.

New opportunities within the Hibiscus portfolio

Being new, and in their fifth phase, Widenham Retirement Village is a prime opportunity to purchase within a retirement village on the South Coast. Choose sites from a range of beautiful sea, forest and wetland views across 1, 2 and 3-bedroom cottage types. Added to this, the village is established with over 600 thriving residents, built facilities and beautiful landscapes.

When considering a retirement village, many ask what the big difference is when compared to any other type of estate. All we can say is you have to visit the Hibiscus Retirement Villages to know what living your best life truly means. Talk to any of the residents and you will see over time that they are ageing backwards, growing younger and turning the page to a new beginning each day.

A day in the life at Widenham

Being a new village, we visited to see what a day in the life of a Widenham Resident looks like. And it certainly is a whirlwind of fun, activities and community support.

Within the Hibiscus Group Villages model, their residents participate in the creation of daily life, forming clubs and committees and creating a jam-packed schedule with neighbours and friends. Within Widenham, there is a large community centre where you will find the village on a Thursday morning at 10am, enjoying tea and cake and live music. From the Widenham musical to annual training for the polar swim and daily bootcamp class, Widenham Retirement Village is thriving.

Winning formula for retirement

There is no doubt that the Hibiscus Retirement Villages have a winning formula for retirement active, healthy and happy. Let’s take a look at some factors making these irresistable destinations to retire to.

Secure gated estate

The winning formula mirrored in all the Hibiscus Retirement Villages is ensuring residents feel safe. Eliminating this fundamental daily stress encourages residents to walk freely, attend clubs and meet new neighbours – it is the ultimate peace of mind. Widenham has secure electric perimeter fencing which is backed up by a generator. The entry to the estate is a large, manned gatehouse with 24-hour security presence.

Variety of cottages

Homes, or cottages, as Hibiscus Retirement Villages have called their offerings, are spacious with beautiful sea, forest and wetland views. Each unit is a freestanding home with 1, 2 or 3-bedrooms, an open-plan lounge and kitchen and a patio. The cottages are built in the classic red-brick style of the South Coast and you will enjoy large gardens that wrap around, giving you ample space to have picnics, play with your dog or let the grandkids run free. Each unit also comes with a single garage where you can park your car or use as a personal workshop or storage space.

Onsite healthcare

All Hibiscus Retirement Villages have a clinic onsite where residents can go for any emergencies or just for a daily checkup. One of the most wishlisted items for retirees is having medical facilities onsite. Knowing there is medical assistance nearby creates a worry-free atmosphere and the clinic is there to assist with residents that need daily care. In the coming phases at Widenham, the estate has shared they will be constructing a frail care centre – certainly something to look forward to!

Exceptional facilities

When it comes to facilities, the Hibiscus group have the best offering on the market. At Widenham Retirement Village alone, you are treated to a clubhouse, swimming pool, 2 bowls greens, gym, library, activity centre, village bus, wetlands trails and caravan park. A restaurant, entertainment hall, coffee shop, chapel and tennis court are on the way too!

Life Right model

Hibiscus Retirement Villages operates on the Life Right Model. This is a stress-free approach to property purchasing whereby the developer owns the unit at all times and you, as a buyer, purchase the right to live in the unit for the duration of your lifetime. If you decide to move or if the Life Right agreement ends then the value of the home is paid back upon resale, without capital appreciation.

Life Rights works as you aren’t tied up, waiting for the property to register at the deeds office, you pay no transfer duty, commissions or conveyancing fees and you can move-in and take occupation as soon as your home is built. Read more about How Life Rights Works on last month’s blog: here.

If you’re looking for a retirement experience like no other, with new opportunities where you can move in almost immediately then call Widenham Retirement Village and book a tour of the estate.



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