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3 Lessons to learn from the Covid-19 pandemic

Get serious about your debt

If anything, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to many economic struggles across the country and the world. It’s highlighted that individuals, especially those over 50, look at getting rid of their debt as soon as possible, and once achieved to avoid getting into any debt.

Primary needs are taken care of

During the national lockdown, having so many unnecessary items banned for purchase, this time has given us time to reflect on ensuring that our primary needs are taken care of. This includes good health and access to good healthcare support, having food essentials at home, having access to technology and the internet, as well as having close friends and family close by. Additionally, our homes need to meet the needs of the retiree, especially is that is where a lot of your time will be spent.

Family and lifestyle are top priority

As mentioned above, being isolated from people has made us all realise the importance of having contact with family more regularly. The need for having shopping centres, hospitals, care, and other outdoor amenities has become even more prevalent.


Use this time to reassess your retirement needs and take in the lessons from this challenging period.



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All relevant information regarding COVID-19 can be found on https://sacoronavirus.co.za/